Library Policies

The library is a great place to research, work and read.

The following policies have been set in place to keep the library a comfortable and useful place for our students, staff and community.
checkout policies

  • Check out up to 3 items
  • 2-Week checkout 
  • renewing books
  • For 2 more weeks
  • Via your on-line account or in-person
  • You do not need the item with you to renew it


Reminder to return books

Overdue fines: NONE!
Please return your books on time
Lost books & materials:
You can replace the item or pay the cost of replacing the item lost. See your librarian to discuss payment or replacement.
yes we're open
Catalog and on-line resources are always available

open hours in the library

Monday: 8:00am - 3:30pm
Tuesday: 8:00am - 4:00pm Wednesday:8:00am-3:15pm
Thursday: 8:00am - 4:00pm
Friday: 8:00am - 3:30pm
* Library hours are subject to change due to
staff meetings, supervision duty or changes to your librarian's schedule.

Students are ALWAYS welcome to work in the library at Lunchtime.*
  1. Sign up in the Library before lunch
  2. Take the appropriate pass
  3. Bring all of your needed supplies with you
  4. Once in the Library, you must stay until it is time to go to class - no roaming the hall
  5. You may eat in the Library, but NO FOOD OR BEVERAGES NEAR THE COMPUTERS!
  6. Students needing to buy lunch must wait until their table is dismissed to get their lunch.
  7. Keep the library clean - no trash or sticky tables
  8. Keep the noise level appropriate for library activities
The library may be closed at lunch during book fairs and when multiple classes are using the library space.
Library use during Access class:
  • Look for a new book
  • Check out books (bring your ID!)
  • Renew books
  • Turn in books
  • Work (with a pass from a teacher)


after hours

The Library and library computers are available any time the library is open or computers are not reserved for classes.
To use the library during scheduled After School Intervention time - ASI (Tuesday & Thursday):
  1. Check in with the teacher for whom you are working (so they know you're there)
  2. Get a pass to work in the library
  3. Sign in and give the pass to your librarian
  4. Desktop Computers should be used first
  5. Laptops can be used if available 
  6. All library resources will be available
During large projects, teachers often set up in the library so that students have access to more resources as well as space to work. If this is the case, students do not need a pass.

The library rocks

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