Scholastic Reading Counts Information


Mandalay Middle School utilizes the Scholastic Reading Counts Program to monitor student reading growth over the school year.

See if a book has a quiz: SRC Book Expert On-Line

What is a Lexile Level?

Where can I take a SRC Quiz? In your Access class only.
If required by another teacher (ie. for a Language Arts requirement), the teacher may give you
permission to take a quiz outside of Access class.
What are the quizzes like?
10 randomized questions. If you and a friend are taking a quiz on
the same book, you may not get the same questions.
A minimum of 70% (7 out of 10) is a passing grade.
A quiz can be retaken after 2 days if the score earned is less than 70%.
You teacher can remove a test of 70% or higher so that you can retake the quiz.
What if my book does not have a SRC quiz?
Read it anyway! It is important to read what you like.
    • Write your own quiz
      • As you read, make notes about possible questions and answers
      • Give the Title and Author as well as your name and the name of you Access teacher
      • Make sure that you have questions that are from various points in the book (beginning , middle & end)
      • Create 10 questions with 4 multiple choice answers (one right and 3 plausible answers)
        • No True/False or "All of the above" answers allowed (there should be 4 distinct answers)
      • If your book is also a movie, your questions should be about things found only in the book!
    • Turn in your quiz to your Access teacher for evaluation

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