Dress Code


The following is NOT allowed:

  • Any underwear that is visible, including bra straps and boxer shorts

  • Tank tops and sleeveless shirts that are not as wide as your school ID card

  • Backless shirts
  • Short shorts, short skirts, or short dresses (must be at least arm's length including fingertips)

  • Clothing with large holes or rips (must wear other clothing underneath to cover skin above fingertips)

  • Sagging pants or shorts

  • Shirts that are too low, or shirts that show cleavage

  • Any combination of midriff top and short/pant/dress bottom that does NOT keep stomach completely covered

  • Head wear inside the building, including bandannas

  • Sunglasses inside the building

  • Pajama bottoms, pajama tops or slippers

  • See-through clothing

  • Imprinted clothing that is obscene, conveys a double meaning, promotes drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, violence or illegal activities

  • Gang apparel, colors, signs, graffiti and other gang related items including ICP clothing and bandanas

  • Heavy chains, spiked jewelry, dog collars

  • Any other appearance that may cause a disruption

If inappropriate clothing is worn to school, the student will be asked to change. We provide gym uniforms if the student does not have alternate clothing.

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